Monday, April 10, 2006 begins again

... my third term at Animation Mentor, Intro to Acting. At long last I've finally gotten around to posting again. Its been a very busy spring for me professionally, as well as personally, but i'll spare all none of you that read my blog from the booring details. Anyway, I really just wanted to post some of the work I completed during this past term of Animation Mentor, Body Mechanics.

CLICK HERE to view ( image uploads to my blog weren't working today)

Each week I continue to learn and grow as an artist beyond my expectations. I'm even finding that the information i'm absorbing at AM often transcends animation and has already made me a better artist on the job. bla bla bla... i can say this kind of foolish crap over and over but i'm sure it gets old.

and now for something completely different... do you like comics? Check out Batman Year 100. I've been reading more of these for art reference related to my work and this story/art stood out. Pretty cool take on "another" Batman 100 years after his first sighting in Gotham. Can't be the same guy, can it?