Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tex... nuff said.

(i'm leaving this post for now, but sadly the shorts I had linked to are no longer available)
Most of my posts these days are less descriptions about my day or thoughts, but rather a record of something cool i've found on the web. Something i want to remember. These shorts (click image) i found over on youtube.com are perfect examples of that. Results from a Tex Avery search. It seems someone or some-many have ripped and uploaded nearly a hundred classic movies i loved as a kid.

As a growing animator I often get into discussions about inspiration or what might have been the one thing to truly inspire your chosen career. For me it was the movie TRON, without question. However when i think about shorts, its undeniably the Tex Avery work for MGM. My favorite by far was Deputy Droopy. I still remember rolling around with laughter as the characters swapped heads to enable the other to scream away from the jailhouse. (you'll know that if you've seen it) These shorts simply were it! Yeah I liked Looney Toons stuff too, but they didn't compair to the entertainment I got out of the many shorts on this link. Sadly they still have yet to release a comprehensive Tex Avery DVD set in the US.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

John Lasseter's student film...

No wonder Disney hired him out of Cal Arts, he founded Pixar, and is now the head of feature animation at Disney Studios. There's such fantastic character and appeal in this short, not to mention all the other great animation mechanics going on. Have a look. (click image)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

notes from masters...

holy crap there's a butt load of great information here. thanks walt, Glen, and the gang of ground breakers...

Walt on drawing the Disney way

Glen and more

Nine old men (i've often wondered how they felt about being refered to as 'old men')

Friday, June 09, 2006

great short...

...this is freakin awesome! (click image) I'm sure i say that often, but with so much media available today its often true. often often often...

simply put, this is a fantastic little short, and a great example that you don't need terribly complex characters to make them compelling. The lead character is a box with legs, no facial features, but the acting makes him believable.