Thursday, October 06, 2005

gotta start somewhere

Howdy, and welcome to yet another blog by an animator in the digital age. I joke because I recently discovered an article that specifically commented on the overwhelming saturation of blogs by animators and artists. Bah ha ha ha... I'm going to help fill this pile of muck. Call me the Head Muckety Muck of this page, my own little online world. Though I also have a website that needs a radical overhaul, One day I may even put a link to this from there.

Anyway, here's the WHO. My name is Brian Wyser. I am a 33 year old video games artist living in San Francisco with my wife Della and two cats ( My current project is City of Villains, to be released this Halloween. Check it out if your interested,

The WHY? Why do I need a to start a blog? WHY THE HELL NOT? No, I don't consider myself particularly interesting, and therefore don't care if you like what I write or not. My goal is for this space to become a chronicle of my journey through, and anything else in between that I chose to discuss. It may even be politics, god forbid.

There you have it.

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