Sunday, October 09, 2005

Finished another week in AM with an assignment to create a bouncing ball, and illustrate Excitement with a single pose. Here's my pose(s).
I tried to think of why the character would be excited rather than simply tossing limbs in the air. Better for me to get my head around.

AM has been great, and has really surpassed what I was hoping for. However i have been unable to keep up the freequency with which I was able to surf. No longer can I do the mornings before work as I will more than likely have been, or will be staying up late to think about, explore, and study animation.

That said, I hit the water again yesterday in Lindimar. First time in a week. Waves were big, and water temp was warm for the Bay Area. I caught a number of waves, some good, some closed out, but no bad wipe outs. However, at one point there was a rather gross, semi decayed dead seal, or sea lion drifting out by the lineup. Dead seals I can handle, but the question about what makes seals dead almost had me heading for the beach. Sharks... The California Coastline is known to be home to Great Whites. Its funny, I used to be a big fan of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but now that's changed.

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