Wednesday, December 21, 2005

animation mentor class 1 assignments

Ok, class is done, City of Villains is on the shelves and I finally got around to posting the work I completed in my first semester of Animation Mentor. Images below link to assignments. (if any of them refuses to load, try hitting refresh a few times. I can't figure it out, but sometimes they chose not to load correctly.)

Assignment 1 - Planning: Animate a ball that behaves like a soccer ball or basketball. The first assignment given to us designed to accomplish two things. 1. allow our mentor identify the level of experience each student. 2. begin exploring planning, timing and spacing.

assignment 2 - Timing: Create two balls in the same shot that illustrate different weights.

Assignment 3 - Anticipation and Squash & Stretch: To create the feeling of anticipation by having a ball begin to animate from a stopped position. Continue through obstacle course and come to stop on screen.

Assignment 4 - Overlapping Action: To convey overlapping action and followthrough through animating a ball with a tail.

Assignment 5 - Arcs and Path of Action: To animate a single legged character completing a single jump on a path with an arc, and coming to a settle.

Assignment 6 (7) - Intro to Walks: Through the course of two assignments we were to first block out, then refine the animation of a character with a basic walk in a side view.

Assignment 8 (9) - Character Walks: To create a walking character with personality.

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