Sunday, December 11, 2005

Man... I'm bad at this.

With the start of Animation Mentor, and the pending trip to Italy for Della and I on the horizon, I thought a blog would have been a great idea. Daily animation journals could be logged, as well as our journey abroad. As you can see... Its many month since my last post, and that hasn't happened.

Anyway, about Animation Mentor. Although taxing at times, my first term has a far greater learning experience that I had expected. Weekly we're thoroughly examining animation as the art form that it is. Although I am currently an animator, and have been working in the games field as one for nearly 10 years now, I never really dove this deeply into my trade. Yeah, I did take animation courses in school, 3 or 4 of them maybe, but have always believed my own personal development, experience, and books had taught me most of what I now know about the process of animation. Of course this current term, Class 1 Foundations, did cover many concepts I have learned over time, but in a fraction of the time it took me to discover these concepts. The Class also continually presented me with validation to my "impressions," (of what hips do when you move for instance) while regularly providing nugets of golden advice from more accomplished animators. Heck... it took me until 4 years ago to realize the connection with acting and animation. Since then I have taken an acting class and am back in school to study "the trade." All that said, I can't wait until I get to the acted performance, and further development at Am.

Now I'll try to post my assignments for the Fall of 05 Foundations class.


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