Thursday, January 26, 2006

aaah... good music

Nothing AM related. But I'm a bit drunk, and we just returned from an Imogen Heap show at the Great American Music Hall.

For a one woman show it was pretty damn good. I'm a fan of the recent album, and many of you have probably heard Imogen on the song "Let Go" that was released on a previous album (frou frou), and on the Garden State sound track. Although Della and I are moving out of the city I can't get away from music. I'm sure we will continue to come up an see shows regularly, simply because that just who we are. We love music, and consume it like its going out of style. Guess thats just one of the reasons I love my wife Della. :D

Oh... I made some progress on this weeks assignment to finalize my 180 turn. Here it is

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