Sunday, January 22, 2006

turn turn turn...

as I said in the earlier post, I haven't slept too much in the past day and here's why.

assignment, pick one of the following actions to animate. each with a perceived level of difficulty.

1. Have a character kick a ball (legs, spine and head only) Difficulty: *
2. Have a character take a big step to the side (legs, spine and head only) Difficulty: *
3. Have character turn around 180 degrees (legs, spine and head only) Difficulty: **

... during the first week we began planning, thumbnail sketching and shooting of reference video if able. One of the MAJOR things stressed here at school IS to plan thoroughly. So much so that I identify my timing, key poses and overall action prior to ever sitting down at the computer. All I can say is they're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! The more I plan the faster I'm able to complete an animation, and the better it will become.

Now in this the second week we were supposed to go through what is kind of like a first pass of our animation, THE BLOCKING phase. (movie above) As the first time you enter your broad strokes of an animation, your main goal is key poses and timing. Which is why it appears choppy. Think of it as cell animation style without the inbetweens. Again this process that has been suggested to us mirrors my methods (although with less planning) over the past few years as a professional. Although with much more pre-planning and more thorough understanding of how to make a better pose. Yes posing, the subject of this weeks lecture.

Ok... enough work for now.

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