Saturday, January 14, 2006

back again...

della and I have returned from our holiday trip to Massachusetts, and things have gotten back underway. Animation Mentor term 2 began this week, so sleep time will be a bit scarce for the next 12 weeks. No matter, I love it!!! Its so fantastic to be passionately working on animations of my own, and to be a part of an amazing group of equally passionate students and mentors. I'm excited and scared.

Work has also been fun lately. Just last week I finished up on animations and Fx for one of our signature villains, Lord Recluse. He's this evil master with 8 crazy spider legs coming from his back. (a few more images) He was a lot of fun but also quite a challenge, as he's a full bipedal character PLUS 8 additional appendages with 4 bones each. Simply put, thats a lot to keep track of. Ok, gotta go. The Patriots second playoff game is about to start.

lately i've been listening to: The Arcade Fire - first EP

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Frobbery Mike said...

Arcade Fire rules!